Credit transfer

Students who have completed courses at universities, colleges, postsecondary education or other accredited institutions and programs, whose content and standards are deemed equivalent to courses offered at the Beauty Maker Institute, may be eligible for transfer credits. Each student’s situation will be considered on an individual basis.

To request transfer credits, complete and forward the following items to our registration office:

  • Letter of request for transfer credits
  • Official transcripts
  • Official degree and/or certificate if available
  • A $100.00 transfer fee applies to each transfer request.

Notarized copies of original transcripts, degree certificates, diplomas, or other documents are required for Non-Canadian institutions. A notarized copy is a true copy of the original document that is stamped, dated, and signed by a notary public, lawyer, or post-secondary registrar. A document that is not in English requires an official notarized translation in English and the official non-translated transcript.

The course syllabus may be requested to verify the content.

One can not transfer more than 50% of required courses in a program. In other words, a minimum of 50% of required courses must be taken through the Beauty Maker Institute.


  1. Complete Student Checklist

  2. Registration Fee

  3. Government Issued ID and SIN#